Best Fertilizer For Crepe Myrtles in 2023 : Top 5 Reviewed

Best Fertilizer For Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtles is a beautiful flower with a variety of colours that makes your garden colourful.

As a blooming tree, it needs micronutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It is not possible to get healthy plants without adequate fertilizer.

The beauty of Crepe Myrtles in summer is fantastic. In the South, this is the most distinguished flower that can grow nicely.

When you provide the best fertilizer for Crepe Myrtles, it must be impressive as soon as possible.

Crepe Myrtles can grow well only in the new growth. Fertilizer helps new growth & new bloom.

There are various types of fertilizer available for Crepe Myrtles. Here you will find the best fertilizer that your garden truly needs.

Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food
  • Optimum plant growth
  • Contains fritted micronutrients 
  • High level of phosphoric Acid
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Nelson’s Crepe Granular Fertilizer Nelson’s Crepe Granular Fertilizer
  • Plant Food For Crape Myrtle
  • Multi-purpose fertilizer
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Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food
  • Strong root development
  •  Colorful blooms
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5 Best Fertilizer For Crepe Myrtles Reviews in 2023

1. Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food

Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food is a balanced blend nutrient for flowering trees, vines, and shrubs.

It has scientifically proven essential nutrients and minerals to the healthy growth of optimum plant growth.

Five necessary micronutrients are adequate for slow-release feeding.

Before applying this fertilizer, blend 1tablespoon per gallon of water. For new growth, this fertilizer is an advanced formula as water-soluble plant food and works immediately.

The NPK ratio is 8-55-7. Here the Phosphoric acid level is incredibly high to improve the blooming flowers.


  • The Spreading method is more accessible than others.
  • It works in a week for blooming.
  • Three size packs are available.


  • Mixers can not work when water is not sufficient.

2. Nelson’s Crepe Granular Fertilizer

Nelson’s Crepe Granular Fertilizer is the perfect plant food for Crepe Myrtle and all flowering trees. A horticulture fertilizer with low salt and slow-release professional grade are visible here.

The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 10-15-9. It formulates with Copper, Sulfur, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc as essential elements for flowering trees.

Depending on different release characteristics, it has five Nitrogen sources.

You can select the nutrient with increasing size, number, and quantity of blooms. Here you will get higher Phosphorus for more buds, and Sulfur improves soil acidity.

As an excellent fertilizer for Crepe Myrtles, it is also usable for Crab Apple, Orchid Tree, Mexican Plum, Vitex, Desert Willow, Mimosa, Vibrunam, and Texas Mt. Laurel. You need to apply this fertilizer every 60 days for the best results.


  • With this fertilizer, plants can develop an immune system.
  • It encourages regrowth after pruning.
  • Multipurpose fertilizer for flowering trees.


  • Not beneficial for indoor plants.

3. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

Osmocote Smart-Release plant food is a must-have fertilizer for vegetables and flowers. The NPK ratio is 14-14-14.

It stimulates top growth and strong root development. This plant food is helpful for flavorful vegetables and colourful blooms.

You need to feed up to four entire months to get the flowers and vegetables all season.

Mix three tablespoons with two gallons of water and apply it 1-3 inches on top of the soil.

Then watered the plant regularly and reapplied it every four months. Here is a granule coat with semi-permeable resin in this plant food.

The coated nutrients are dissolved by watering plants and changing temperatures.The empty shell lasts up to nutrients release.


  • Ideal fertilizer for perennials.
  • Appropriate for edible plants.
  • No burn pledge.
  • It promotes strong root development.


  • Calcium is not present in this fertilizer.

4. Espoma GF1010106 Garden Food

Espoma is a trusted name for gardeners. It is made in the USA. Many types of fertilizer are available in this brand.

Espoma GF1010106 garden food is a general-purpose garden food with three major nutrients blended equally. Here the NPK ratio is 10-10-10. The pack comes in a 6.75pounds bag.

As a perfect formula for flowering plants, it also helps vegetables and shrubs. The nutrients help the plants for more significant growth by absorbing quickly. It is a slow-release fertilizer.

Test your soil before applying this fertilizer. All plants do not need magnesium. That is not a water-soluble formula, and it comes in a granular format.

The fertilizer will help if you spread it on the ground of the plants then water regularly. It is starting work within a few weeks from the applying time.


  • Fast-acting nutrients.
  • It contains three major nutrients.
  • This fertilizer is a fast-acting nutrient.


  • Not listed as an organic product.

5. BioAdvanced 701700B

BioAdvanced is a potent fertilizer with two in one formula that can protect plants from insects and feed the plants.

It can work on plants for 12months with one application.

With this distinct formula, you can kill plant damaging insects like Caterpillars, Aphids, Leafminers, Scale, Emerald, Adult Japanese beetles, Adelgids, Whiteflies, and so on.

This fertilizer comes with a 4pounds pack.

The NPK ratio is 2-1-1. It should apply every fall season, which can protect through spring and summer.

Any outdoor & potted plants, shrubs, multi-trunk trees, containerized plants are suitable for this fertilizer. It can restore plants’ vitality with a slow-release feeding method from roots to branch tips.


  • It gives protection from 40+ insects.
  • Slow-release fertilizer.
  • It provides ready-to-use granules.
  • Applying this fertilizer is simple.


  • Restricted to sales in NY, MD, CT & VT.


1. What’s the best fertilizer for Crepe Myrtles?

Crepe Myrtles does not need any special fertilizer to grow. You can apply any general-purpose fertilizer by following directions on the level. The best time for spreading fertilizer is in February or March.

2. How to properly fertilize your crepe myrtle?

Crepe Myrtle can bloom on new growth. It would help if you fertilized properly on time for the health improvement of plants. Select your fertilizer depending on your soil.

Take your decision based on soil and plant size, age, and environment. For proper care of Crepe Myrtles, you have to keep in mind some basic things:

Fertilizer:  You need ½ pounds of fertilizer to cover your 100sq ft garden. Choose a fertilizer that contains high levels of Nitrogen.

As a Crepe Myrtles fertilizer, you should select a 10-10-10 or 8-8-8 NPK ratio-based formula. Before that, check your soil first, whether it requires more or less fertilizer to cover the plants.

For getting lots of flowers, you need to provide a large amount of fertilizer as plant food. Do not over-fertilize after the first year. Otherwise, over-feeding may cause more foliage. It would help if you stopped fertilizing in the fall.

Timing:  Spring season is the best time to provide fertilizer for Crepe Myrtles. In this season, plants become ready for new buds and new blooms.

For a new Crepe Myrtles, you have to give a high Nitrogen level such as 12-4-8 for ensuring ultimate growth.

Watering: After giving the fertilizer, you should water your Crepe Myrtles regularly.

Because new plants require more water to maintain moisture; in that time, soil can absorb the fertilizer by water; and send it through the root.

Reduce watering at the same time when fertilizer should be stopped.

3. Are coffee grounds good for Crepe Myrtles?

You can use coffee grounds as compost, especially for Crepe Myrtles or acid-loving plants. It is a good source of Nitrogen, Calcium Carbonate, Phosphorus, Copper, Magnesium, and Potassium. By using coffee grounds, you can give insect protection from snails, worms, and slugs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fertilizer For Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtles requires low maintenance but these plants provide an abundance of flowers. Be sure you are using a proper nutrient for them. You need to consider some basic information before buying the best fertilizer for your Crepe Myrtle.

Test the pH of Soil:

Check your garden soil for Crepe Myrtle plants. As this tree requires more acidic soil where the pH level should be 5.5 to 7.5. Checking soil is significant because the growth of this tree largely depends on it.

When you get less or more acidic levels on the soil, you need to buy fertilizer to recover the balance.

For planting this tree, you have to choose well-draining loamy soil. The root becomes rotten when water is stagnant in the soil of the tree.

Organic compost also helps us to maintain the acidic level. Adding Pelletized limestone with soil can increase the pH level. The soil may require some Soil Sulfur, Chelated Iron, and Aluminum Sulfate.

Suitable NPK Ratio:

Crepe Myrtle expects less maintenance when you provide them with proper fertilizer with a suitable NPK ratio.

For getting the greatest numbers of flowers you have to spread a large quantity of Nitrogen. You need to choose an all-purpose fertilizer with a 10-10-10 or 8-8-8 NPK ratio.

Crepe Myrtle can get proper nutrients for blooming in this formulation. If you face any problems blooming, that means you have to provide more Nitrogen for strengthening the root.

After applying fertilizer, you must nourish the plants by watering them every day. Early Spring is the best time to give fertilizer to Crepe Myrtles. Because it is high time to develop new blossoms.

You have to put fertilizer in March, May, July, and August. When the plants are young, put fertilizer 3 or 4 times in the Spring and Summer.

When the Crepe Myrtles will get mature and full of sprout, you can fertilize less or stop.

If required you can use a fertilizer with less Nitrogen and high Phosphorus formula. It will be helpful for more blossoms rather than foliage.

Adequate Space For Planting:

Be sure you have enough space where you are planting the Crepe Myrtles.

Think before a mature tree requires more space than the younger ones. You have to plant this tree without affecting any power line or buildings when it grows.

For a mature Crepe Myrtle tree, it generally requires 12-15 ft. Choose a place where the plant will get plenty of sunlight.

Final Verdict :

Now you have the information about the five best Crepe Myrtles fertilizer here; then the decision is yours.

When you provide the best fertilizer for Crepe Myrtles, this plant can give you colouring flowers for a season long.

Be sure about the expectation of your soil and plants. Choose general purpose fertilizer from the above experience. Put the fertilizer on time and water regularly.

No one can stop the blooming of Crepe Myrtles then. Enjoy the natural beauty of Crepe Myrtles for the whole season long!

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