5 Best Fertilizer for Avocado Trees 2023 [Reviews & Guide]

Best Fertilizer for Avocado Trees

Avocado is so rich in nutrition that everybody wants to have it in their garden due to high health benefits. But most gardeners neglect the fertilizer for avocado trees. Therefore, an avocado tree without proper fertilization may not even bring any fruits to you.

Now, as you’re here, you’d be looking for the best fertilizer for avocado trees as you don’t want any poorly utilized avocadoes.

But hundreds of fertilizer companies are right there in the market to burst out your head, and most companies just cut corners to produce cheap products with low-end ingredients.

The question remains, which one is the right call?

We’ve unearthed all possible choices to narrow down your choices, and will introduce you to our top 5 picks.

Interested already?

Let’s begin.

Down to Earth Organic Citrus FertilizerDown to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer
  • Formulated with primary and secondary plant nutrients
  • An excellent option for citrus trees 
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Espoma Organic Plant Food Espoma Organic Plant Food
  •  Enhanced with thousands of living microbes
  • All natural organic
  •  Complete balanced feeding
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J R Peters FertilizerJ R Peters Fertilizer
  •  Provide the optimum combination of nutrients
  • Enhanced micronutrient levels 
  • Advanced formulation uses 
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5 Best Fertilizer for Avocado Trees Reviews 2023

Considering the elements, NPK ratio, organic benefits, we’ve selected the fertilizers. On top of that, the best one shouldn’t have any hazardous chemicals at all.

1. Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer

If you want to taste entirely environment-friendly and organic avocadoes, the Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer should be on your top list because the mix consists of natural ingredients, like feather meal, fish bone, alfalfa meal, langbeinite, kelp meal, zinc sulfate, greensand, etc.

It comes in a five-pound size with a certified formula of 6-3-3 – a terrific ratio of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen – to enhance the growth, green leafage, tasty fruits, and unimaginable fragrance, and all thanks to the primary and secondary nutrients such as zinc, sulfur, iron, and calcium.

Moreover, you’d be happy to know the box features OMRI certification, which means it hoards only natural resources to promote the growth – a total win.

Besides, it will help the tree develop healthy roots, tasty fruits, fuller foliage, sturdy limbs to give the tree a firm stance. Because the package doesn’t include any toxic chemicals to be an obstacle for the growth.

You’ll have to apply the fertilizer 3 to 4 times throughout the year – can be applied with a water mix. Otherwise, there’s always a risk of burning out the root due to direct application.


  • Works nicely for lemon trees
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor containers
  • Promotes larger fruit
  • Comes from all-natural ingredients
  • OMRI certified fertilizer


  • The smell isn’t really soothing

2. Espoma CT4 Citrus Plant Food

Sometimes low-end and traditional fertilizers cause more havoc than any good to the plants. Due to cutting corners in the ingredients, the trees lose all leaves, and healthy growth. If you’re facing similar issues with your avocado trees, the Espoma Plant Food can be your true savior.

This fertilizer is specially designed to bring back the life of unhealthy trees, plants. It contains living microbes to ensure organic growth, create effective and strong roots, and that’s a plus if you’re after organic gardening.

Not just that, the 5-2-6 formula enhances the soil to make sure the growth happens.

Anyways, it acts in a slow-release method to keep feeding the plants months after months. In that way, the tree gets a chance to develop its whole body piece by piece – a balanced fertilizing scenario to produce healthy fruits.

More on that, avocado tree food prevents diseases as well while flourishing the growth.

Overall, the Espoma Plant Food doesn’t cut corners in any places, which might harm or reduce the plant’s improvement.


  • Ideal for fruit, and nut trees
  • Prevents plant diseases
  • Acts in a slow-released process for better growth
  • Suitable choice for organic gardening
  • No sludges or fillers inside


  • The smell attracts the pets
  • Not good for indoor house plants

3. J R Peters 52524 Citrus Food Fertilizer

When your tree is at death’s door, or has become yellowed, brittle and droopy, it means you’d the wrong fertilizer all the time. To get your avocado tree back in life and give it a solid boost in growth, the food fertilizer from J R Peter can be your last resort.

Coming in a water soluble form, the applying process becomes a lot easier. You can spray it to your tree with a sprayer, garden hose, etc. But it can be used directly as well.

The 20-10-20 formula especially works for expanding growth while providing the best nutrients combination to the tree. Moreover, it’s enhanced with vast micronutrients, which springs new green leaves, rigid branches, and healthy fruits all over.

However, this formula isn’t limited to only avocado trees. You can have it for tropical fruiting trees, such as dwarf varieties, Meyer lemons, limes, grapefruits, kumquats, mangos, oranges, etc.


  • Helps in organic growth
  • Ideal choice for tropical fruiting trees
  • Directly applicable
  • Cures plants diseases


  • Expensive choice for some

4. Jobe’s Fruits and Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

If you desire your trees to grow by themselves and don’t wish to leave the coziness of your bed, the Jobe’s Fruits and Citrus Fertilizer is what you should look for. All you’ve to do is put the spikes near the drip line, and it’s done.

The spikes are formulated in a 9-12-12 NPK ratio for citrus and fruits that provides nutrients to the trees at the very roots. And that’s where a tree requires the most growth.

In the formula, the most active elements are phosphate, nitrogen, potash, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, etc. Potassium and Phosphorus act to increase fruit production, whereas lower nitrogen works for greenery – that’s what you need for the fruits.

The fertilizer for avocado tree comes pre-measured, which reduces your measuring hassle.

You can just grab and put them in places according to instruction – a total no-brainer to say. Moreover, plant the spikes in the late fall or early spring to enjoy better results.

It acts in a slow-release technology so that no runoff, or waste happens and the tree can grow properly due to the right amount of nutrients supply.


  • Provides nutrients to the deep roots
  • Enriches the production of the fruit
  • Easy to install only with a hammer
  • No runoff ensured


  • Not for indoor use

5. EcoScraps Citrus and Avocado Plant Food

When you’re after an all-purpose fertilizer pack, the EcoScraps Plant Food should come as your top choice. This fertilizer comes in a lot of variations aside from citrus and avocado, including berry, leafy green, rose and flower, tomato, and vegetables. Above all, you can just choose the all-purpose package for every item.

This avocado fertilizer is made of recycled food leftovers, natural ingredients to ensure that you get the best avocado fertilizer right in hand. It’ll tenfold the growth of your tree and enrich healthy food production too.

Considering the NPK ratio, this package contains a combination of 3% potash, 2% phosphate, and 5% nitrogen (5-2-3 formula) that ennobles juicy, healthy avocados and bigger fruits as well.

It can be used evenly to the avocado plants or garden area containers because it’s packed in granular sizes. You’ve to take 1/4 cups if you’ve in-ground tree plants, otherwise full 1 cup for the pots, especially 12 inches. Then mix them with the ground soil and pour water. You’re good to go.


  • Enables uniform feeding to the trees
  • All-purpose formula for every type of trees
  • Promotes organic growth to the trees
  • Made of recycled food leftovers to ensure organic growth


  • The smell is terrible

FAQs on Fertilizer for Avocado Trees

What is the Best Fertilizer for Avocado Trees?

If we’ve to name only one among the limitless types of fertilizer, the Down to Earth Citrus Fertilizer comes on top of our list. The fertilizer tops the list because of its organic, natural ingredients, such as fish bone, greensand, feather meal, kelp meal, etc.

Plus, a 6-3-3 formula of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen works to elevate the fruit growth and release a soothing fragrance to the environment.

Alongside, it brings out the strongest root, fuller foliage, strong limbs in the avocado tree, so that the tree can live to its fullest and yield juicy fruits. And the OMRI certification makes it a sweet deal overall as it ensures the natural sources of the ingredients.

Avocado Fertilizer Requirements

An avocado tree needs to be healthy, and that’s the job of a fertilizer. To produce healthy leaves as well as the fruits, the avocado tree must have healthy roots with minerals and water. Now, what are the minerals an avocado tree need?

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Boron
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Sulfur
  • Maganese

Fertilizer provides different minerals in avocado trees – some are in high volume, and some are low. To talk about avocado, it requires a suitable amount of Phosphorus and Nitrogen to build a healthy metabolism, Calcium to build a strong structure, Zinc, and Potassium to produce fruit, Magnesium to enrich the photosynthesis cycle, and Manganese, Boron, and Iron to develop good health.

That’s all a fertilizer should provide.

Anyway, the avocados are strong enough to grow in hardy zones of USDA – 9b to 11, but as they mature, they’ll need more nutrition, and fertilizer should help them on the way.

But you can reduce the feeding by planting the tree in the proper place. A well-suited plantation process and adequate care can build a healthy tree. However, avocados have shallow roots while the feeder roots are at 6 inches top.

So, they should be placed in spring as the soil temperature is warm and protected from frost and wind.

Before you sow the seed, make sure to test the toil. It must have a ph of 7 or lower than that. If the result comes out as alkaline soil, tinker organic matter in the soil, for example, sphagnum moss. When you add at least 2-1/2 pounds or 1.1 kg of peat moss in a 1 square yard, the soil will have waned one unit.

How to Fertilize Avocados

In the very first year, the fertilization schedule can be divided into three sections. Once in summer, once in spring, and the other in fall. By the way, you have to cease feeding when the plants are dormant.

Usually, the time is in late autumn. Anyway, use one tablespoon of nitrogen for each plant and sprinkle it on the soil near the tree. Have a deep watering to let it go in the soil.

The fertilization will not be the same all the way. As the nutritional demand changes with time, you have to respond accordingly. For example, when the plants are in their 2nd year, increase nitrogen.

Increasing it up to 1/4 pound will do, which is divided into 3 times as the schedule.  In the 3rd year, it will be 1/2 pound.

Gradually every year, increase nitrogen by 1/4 pounds. To ensure zinc, apply zinc once a year. The amount should be minimum. Other than that, no unique fertilization is required.

But, what you will have to do is, have a close eye on the plants as they will show symptoms if anything goes wrong or required. If you notice anything, take necessary actions. That should do just fine.

Are coffee grounds good for avocado trees?

We know nitrogen is the essential element for the proper growth of any plant. When it comes to the natural source, coffee grounds are great as a natural nitrogen source. Because of this, application of it to avocado trees can influence the growth of green and dark leaves at a large number.

But, too much of it can cause a reduction in fruiting. So, if your plants already have healthy leaves with no yellowish spots, that means they don’t need any nitrogen. And in this case, you also shouldn’t apply coffee grounds to your avocado trees. Apply it only if there is a deficiency.

Is Epsom salt good for avocado trees?

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium which avocado plants need to protect themselves from chlorosis. As the requirement is minimal in amount, you should not use more than necessary.

Are eggshells good for avocado trees?

Eggshell is on calcium carbonate. It is an essential nutrient for plants as it develops cell walls. This means, eggshells aka calcium carbonate, are also good for your avocado plants.

When to fertilize avocado trees in southern California?

If you are someone from southern California, your last nitrogen application should be before October 1. After that, from march, you can again start using nitrogen.

Is chicken manure good for avocado trees?

Avocado trees require zinc, phosphorus, and other nutrients along with nitrogen. In order to ensure all the nutrients for your plants, if you like single-use fertilizers, chicken manure is a good choice for you. Just apply it in February. Before applying, be sure that it is well composted.


The health benefits of avocado are genuinely beyond counts. For the abundant benefits, so many people are being attracted to having avocado plants in their garden. But, it’s imperative to secure appropriate fertilization for proper and healthy fruiting, and competent application of that fertilizer is also equally significant.

Hopefully, from this article, now you know everything about the best fertilizer for avocado trees. Go ahead, apply them to your avocado plants and enjoy healthy fruits.

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