Best Fertilizer For Tomatoes in 2023

Best Fertilizer For Tomatoes

Imagine healthy, Juicy, sweet and fresh tomatoes at home. This expected growth of your tomatoes will need proper and regular fertilizing. It might seem confusing to choose the right fertilizer for your tomato garden. Don’t worry! Even if you’re professional, things will become more accessible with this writing.

You might have been taking good care of the tomato plants.

Still, you feel something is missing?

That missing magic could be fertilizer. Tomatoes are considered a pretty heavy feeder. You can’t skip fertilizing your tomatoes even when the soil is super nutrient.

Once you provide tomatoes with all the essential nutrients with fertilizers, they will get a consistent outcome. You must stay conscious while choosing the best fertilizer for tomatoes. Feeding them any kind of excess chemicals can bring harm to your plants.

Here you’ll receive a list of the eight best fertilizers for tomatoes. These are absolutely safe and hold a pretty good brand reputation. Follow the guidance and choose the best fertilizer to grow healthier tomatoes.

Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus
  • Highly fortified calcium, magnesium, and iron
  • Supplement your existing nutrient
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Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed
  • Full of essential nutrients
  • Contains natural ingredients
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Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer
  •  Enhanced with thousands of living microbes
  • A complete plant food 
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Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer
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8 Best Fertilizer For Tomatoes 20223

1. Tomato-Tone Organic Fertilizer

Tomato tone is the best organic fertilizer for tomatoes. This one has got all-natural plant food nutrients along with thousands of necessary microfibers to boost tomato growth. Your plants will get a balanced amount of feeding and provide safe production with this. The fertilizer also claims to keep the plants safe from rot and burn.

This plant food has got all 15 essential nutrients to produce juicy, plump tomatoes. It has got 8 % calcium to prevent rot and blossoms. The Bio-tone Microbes will boost long-lasting and slow-release microfibers. With regular and efficient use, you’ll get more flower and fruit production. Besides the ratio of fertilizing ingredients are, Nitrogen: Phosphate:  Potassium: Calcium  = 3:4:6:8:3. All of these are entirely safe and sound for your tomato growth.

You can use the fertilizer once every two weeks. Try to use 3 tbsp with water and apply over the plant by spraying. For better and clearer directions, follow the instructions over the packaging. 

As the tomato tone fertilizer has got no extra synthetic ingredient, it might not smell that great. This authenticity is also good for your tomato growth. You’ll get satisfied with the product and budget by using it once.

Special Benefits:

  •  100 % organic formula
  • Easy to mix and apply. No extra hassle.
  • Exclusive Bio-tone microfibers push long-lasting, slow-release feeding.
  • Calcium to prevent blossom end rot

2. Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Organic fertilizer is the best organic fertilizer for tomatoes. Home gardeners who need 100% organic and natural ingredients in fertilizer can go with this. It has got no synthetic solid chemicals that can harm your pet or people. Its organic transparency is verified by OMRI, OIM, NON- GMO. So, you’re also safe from burning your plants.

After a few months of regular feeding, you’ll get more nutrients and tasty tomatoes with it. You’ll get a generous amount of fertilizer compared to the money. One pack of the fertilizer can go for several months. The fertilizer nutrients get released super quickly if you apply it directly, as mentioned. At the beginning of fertilizing, you should use it in a minimum amount. Try to take about 1 to 2 cups per plant in the initial level.

The using process is another plus point for this fertilizer. You’ll get applying instructions mentioned on the package clearly.

Dr Earth fertilizer is enriched with all multi nutrients, proteins, humic acid and carbohydrates. All these trace elements will make the soil stronger. It has eight select strains of Ecto- and endo-mycorrhizae to enrich your plants in every season.

The smell might seem super strong. But organic fertilizers are meant to smell like that. You should utilize the fertilizer as it comes and mix it over the soil. You’ll notice a raw, earthy smell from the fertilizer. And it is considered suitable for plants that require a low acid fertilizer.

Special Benefits:

  • Organic transparency verified fertilizer
  • It comes with transparent instructions.
  • People and pet safe
  • Worth the money with amount and outcome.
  • Consistent premium quality fertilizer

3. Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus

Botanical cal-mag plus fertilize is enriched with all required nutrients to grow healthier tomatoes. The brand itself holds a good reputation for manufacturing premium quality products since 1996.

It would be highly recommended for people who need tasty tomatoes without worrying about blossom and rot. Applying the fertilizer regularly will turn the leaves greener and the fruits healthier. This fertilizer is enriched with calcium, magnesium, and a balanced amount of iron plant supplement.

The Phosphorus runoff of the fertilizer can bring a threat to water quality. Make sure your state announces it as legal before using it. Apart from that, it can be considered as the best fertilizer for tomatoes in containers.

The using process is super easy. Mix the fertilizer well with water per watering. You can spray the water by applying the foliar spray. It will enhance the growth of your tomatoes and increase the taste. This fertilizer has 2-0-0 NPK and holds a pretty easy-to-use direction. The balanced ratio of nutrients like phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium & Manganese, calcium and magnesium work so well with your tomatoes.

Special Benefits:

  • Highly fortified nutrients to boost the healthier tomato growth
  • Worth the money
  • Balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium to cut off the rails
  • Easy to mix and spray 

4. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed

Miracle-Gro Shake’ n feed is the best plant food to strengthen your plant roots and grow them more robust. You can apply this plant food for direct use on the ground and in containers.

 It has got vibrant nutrient elements to develop water efficiency for your tomato plants. You can apply this fertilizer all season long for growing healthier tomatoes.

Shake ‘N Feed Tomato fertilizer has got all the necessary vita elements, macronutrients and natural ingredients to nourish the soil. The Microbes here will break down natural ingredients and increase water efficiency. This one is known as the all one fertilizer for tomatoes in pots.

The using process is quite easy and hassle-free. Just remove the applicator cap and peel off the seal, replace the applicator cap and finally flip open the spout to apply directly to the soil. Follow the packaging to get better instructions. You need to feed your plant this fertilizer once every three weeks. It is highly recommended for home gardeners.

If you maintain all the instructions correctly, the company guarantees to keep the plants safe from burning.

Special Benefits:

  • Easy to measure and apply.
  • No burn guaranteed.
  • Natural ingredients to nourish the soil
  • Vital micronutrients to grow stronger and healthier fruits.

5. Neptune’s Harvest Tomato

Neptune’s harvest fertilizer is highly recommended as one of the best fish fertilizers. It has got a variety of fresh and natural organic ingredients to grow healthier tomatoes. Its balanced ratio nutrition will bring strength to all types of vegetables and flowers. After regular and correct use, you can expect more flowers and fruit production.

This plant food applying process is pretty simple. You need to mix the fertilizer with water as directed, and then you can just spray it all over your plants.

Because of the natural ingredients, it will smell really funky. But after a few hours, this smell will disappear. So, you can cut off the hassle with a strong fishy smell problem.

You can use fertilizer both for indoor and outdoor use. Its powerful nutrient combination will help to tolerate drought. This one pack of Neptune’s harvest tomato plant food will give around 200 Sq ft coverage. One pack of this fertilizer can serve approximately 36 gallons of mixture. So, it would be worth the money you’re spending.

Special Benefits:

  • Transparent using procedure.
  • Strengthen plants to tolerate drought
  • Don’t require an assembly
  • Boost the growth of tomato and vegetable volume.

6. Burpee’s Organic Tomato And Vegetable Plant Food

Burpee’s organic fertilizer is the ultimate plant food for creating long-lasting results. You’ll get all the beneficial microbes, nutrients and plants to boost up the growth. After the regular and efficient application, you’ll see notable growth in your tomato plants.

The product anime claims itself as the all-purpose organic plant. You’ll get healthier tomato production throughout all seasons with this plant food. All the major calcium and minor nutrients included in this fertilizer will create safe and healthy growth for your plants.

The using process is pretty simple. You just have to apply the fertilizer and continue to provide a continuous stream of plant food for up to 3 months. The nutritions will get released over the plant-soil immediately.

You can consider this one as the best choice as an organic and all-purpose fertilizer. It’s highly recommended for young bedding tomato plants, containers and tomato gardens.

Special Benefits:

  • Nutrients are released immediately.
  • Healthier growth from the first use.
  • Transparent direction is mentioned on the product label.
  • Long-lasting result

7. jobe’s An organic Water-Soluble Fertilizer.

Jobe’s organic vegetable fertilizer is the perfect choice to increase the plant root nourishments. It has no synthetic chemicals and all organic elements to boost healthy tomato production. Here you’ll get a job’s biozone to bring faster growth to your plants.

This plant food will also enrich the soil condition. Your plants can get a good strength level to survive against drought. The fertilizer has microorganism archaea to break down the nutrients and improve the plant condition. It also prevents the depletion of valuable nutrients, increases the uptake of nutrients, and reduces the risk of disease and insects.

The using process is also transparent and straightforward. You can go with the instructions written on the product label. Stay away from overfeeding the plants. This fertilizer is pre-measured. You won’t carry any threats of overfeeding by following the instructions correctly.

Jobe’s organic vegetable fertilizer is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The unique and healthy combination of bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi, and Archaea enriches soil quality for a longer time. Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur will strengthen the plant root and provide all the essential benefits.

Special Benefits:

  • Pre-measured and safe to apply
  • Environment-friendly fertilizer
  • It prevents diseases, insects and burning threats.
  • Long-term soil quality improvement.

8. Jobe’s Tomato Fertilizer

Jobe’s tomato fertilizer is the best pick for the healthy, vigorous growth of tomatoes. It is recommended for gardeners who don’t want any smell, using hassle or wasteful runoff.

This fertilizer has got a slow-release formula to feed the plant for up to 8 weeks. You can definitely cut off the daily fertilizing and mixing issue with this one. Apply once and get the result all season. The using process is quite easy and mess-free.

As the fertilizer is pre-measured, you can cut off the risk of overdosing. With proper care and watering, the fertilizer will show the difference in a week. You’ll notice more blooms, healthier growth and juicy fruits over a week.

This fertilizer is available in a waterproof resealable pouch. The using procedure gets easier with it. You’ll definitely find it worthy compared to the price as a fertilizer for tomatoes plants.

Special benefits:

  • Mess-free, hazard-free, smell-free easy application
  • One time use for all-season lasting
  • Noticeable growth in a week
  • Pre-measured fertilizer for safety

What to Consider When Buying Tomato Fertilizers?

Choosing the precisely suitable fertilizer is super tough. But with a few tips and suggestions, things will go much more straightforward. Firstly you need to identify what are the issues of your plants and what is the exact condition. Consider these tips before buying tomato fertilizer:

Soil condition: The soil quality will decide your fruit production. Your soil needs all the essential elements to grow plants faster and better. Make sure you’re testing the soil before choosing a specific type of fertilizer. You’ll find various services that do all these soil testings for a minimum amount of bucks. Soil testing will help to understand what are the major nutrients you need to provide with the fertilizer.

Organic ingredients: Try to choose a fertilizer that is 100% organic and certified. This type of fertilizer has a balanced ratio of natural ingredients. Your plants will get all the needed micronutrients for snoring healthier and safer tomato growth.

Your plant growth: Another essential thing to consider is your tomato plant growth level. If the plant is tiny, you’ll need to be more conscious. Each growing stage of tomatoes will require different types and amounts of fertilizers. So, make sure you’re not ignoring the plant growth stage.

Chemicals included in the fertilizer: Generally, the fertilizers include lower concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these chemical elements will boost different types of growth and development. Micronutrients might be added in tiny amounts, but all these elements play a vital role in your tomato production.

Tomato condition:  If your tomato productions are dealing with any viruses, bacterias, or insects, make sure you’re considering that too. In such cases, you should choose fertilizers that are good to protect your plant production.

What fertilizer is best for tomatoes?

Your tomato production will always have certain types of imperfections/ issues. Especially during the summer season, they need special care, And fertilizer can be the ultimate solution to all these issues. 

What fertilizer is best for tomatoes will depend on various facts. You should stay quite a bit wiser while choosing the correct fertilizer. The best fertilizer will vary according to the plant condition and your pick. Go through a soil check to know the plant growth. It works as a major guideline while choosing the best fertilizers.

Make sure the fertilizer has got a balanced ratio of all these elements for an effective outcome. Tomatoes are known as heavy feeders. Improve your plant soil quality, fulfill the nutrition needs and don’t forget to fertilize the tomatoes regularly.

You should understand the plant needs to get the specific best fertilizer for your tomato plants.. From the leaves, cracks, color, condition, everything is considered to find the best tomato fertilizer.

How to Fertilize Tomatoes?

Before you start fertilizing, you should know what ingredients are suitable for your plants. Then, try to set a good time for fertilizing your plants. Only effective and regular fertilizing will get you good growth of plants.

Follow the instructions to fertilize the tomatoes plants while planting easily:

  • Take the measured amount of fertilizer and mix it well with soil. You should place it at the bottom of the planting hole. You can consider the distance on the ground approximately 6 inches.
  • Grab a hand tool and mix the fertilizer well with the soil
  • Then place some unfertilized soil before planting your tomato plant. Avoid the direct contact of natural fertilizer with your plant roots. This can cause burns.
  • Water the tomato plant to absorb all these nutrients.

How Often to Fertilize Tomato Plants?

The Tomato fertilizer schedule is one of the most numerous things for the healthy production and growth of your plant. The right season and time of fertilizing will be the best production. If you fertilize the plants too often, it can cause root damages.

You better do the fertilizing once while seeding the plant. Then, do regular watering and wait for the fruits to grow. Once the fruits start growing, try to add light fertilizer once every 7 to 14 days.

Follow the label of the fertilizer, for better and correct instructions. Different fertilizers have various kinds of rules and suggestions to follow.

When to Fertilize Tomato Plants?

 Fertilizing at the right time will help to boost your tomato plant growth. Make sure you’re applying enough fertilizer at the growing time for healthier and juicy fruits. 

Tomatoes are heavy feeders but quite easy to grow. You should start taking care of these plants from the very beginning. You better fertilize while seeding the plant. Then, you need to fertilize the plants when the first set of leaves start appearing.

You should fertilize the tomatoes when they start growing. During the growth stage, tomatoes need extra nutrition.

What fertilizer should you use on tomatoes?

You need to consider what nutrients and elements you’re feeding with your fertilizer for the expected growth of your tomatoes.

Make sure whatever fertilizer you’re choosing has a balanced ratio of three major elements and all the other needed ingredients.

Besides, you should also consider what nutrients your tomato plant is lacking. Only then you can choose the best fertilizer for your plants.

What Nutrients Do Tomato Plants Need?

Apart from the unique requirements, there are some basic nutrients that all tomato plants require. You are fertilizing the plant for all the extra elements that the plant can’t gain on its own. Tomatoes need additional feeding for healthy growth.

The basic nutrients that a tomato plant need:

Phosphorous:  Your plant will need phosphorus from the very initial step of your plant growth. This helps to develop and improve your plant and fruit condition.

Nitrogen: Your tomato plant will need a balanced amount of nitrogen for better tomato growth. Make sure your fertilizer has mentioned the ratio correctly. Any excess amount of nitrogen can leave your plant looking bushy.

Potassium:  You should supply potassium to your plant soil from the very beginning. This increases development as well as flowers and fruit production.

Magnesium: Magnesium helps to make your plants greener and healthier. It will be another essential element for fertilizing the plants.

Calcium: You can’t skip calcium for more robust and better growth of your tomato plant roots. The natural calcium for tomato plants will come from eggshells and shell meals crushed in the fertilizer.

Zinc and Boron: Zinc and boron are essential to boost your tomato plant for ripening and processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the right Npk requirement for tomatoes?

Answer: NPK means Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirements for your plant. You have to use ½ pounds of fertilizer for each 50 square feet tomato garden. And the NPK right required ratio in fertilizer would be 6:24:24 and 8:32:16.

Q: Is 20 20 20 fertilizer good for tomatoes?

Answer: Yes, 20 20 20 fertilizer works pretty well as tomato fertilizer. It is an all-purpose vegetable fertilizer with all balanced nutrients in your plant. You can definitely consider 20 20 20 fertilizer good for tomatoes.


Tomatoes are pretty popular among both home gardeners and professionals. You can easily grow it and make a good amount of profit by selling.

Using the right fertilizer is the key to growing perfect tomatoes in your gardens.

You must choose the best fertilizer for the expected growth of tomatoes. You better pick any of the eight mentioned fertilizers your better and more productivity of tomatoes.

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