Best Fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass in 2023 [Reviews and Guide]

Best Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass

A lawn that contains St. Augustine as its centerpiece is certain to be eye-catching. You also need to keep it healthy and green by regularly fertilizing. Fertilizing St. Augustine grass in the summer helps it reach its full, luxuriant potential.

You should use a fertilizer strong in nitrogen content and other elements such as iron for faster greening to grow a lush lawn of St. Augustine grass.

While both granular and liquid fertilizers are helpful for your St. Augustine grass, granular fertilizers tend to have more residual benefits.

In this guide, I’ll share my top 7 best fertilizer for St. Augustine grass that doesn’t break the bank!!

Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster
  • Increase Vertical & Lateral Growth
  • Nitrogen & Phosphorus Fertilizer


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Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Organic composition
  • Reduces the need for watering
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Pennington UltraGreen Starter Lawn Fertilizer Pennington UltraGreen Starter Lawn Fertilizer
  • Helps all types of grass seed
  • Quick greening
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Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer
  • Process nutrients better
  • Feeds for up to 8 weeks
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Top 7 Best Fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass Reviews 2023

1. Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster

As the name says, the product is justly a booster for your grassland. Manufactured in the USA, the fertilizer works incredibly for nutrient deficiency.

For repairing the old lawn or preparing a new lawn, getting your hands on the stimulant will boost the growth of your yard as it emphasizes concentrated nutrients.

Assembled a 32 oz. spray bottle, the Simple Lawn Solutions Green Booster comes in a ready-to-use manner.

Nitrogen and Phosphorous are used in this solution to enhance the growth both vertically and laterally.

Though it works on all types of grass such as St. Augustine, before buying, ensure if it works the same for the greensward you have in your lawn.

The list of lawn grasses includes St. Augustine along with Bermuda, Centipede, Florida, Zoysiam Buffalo, Ryegrass, Fescue, Bahia, and more! Using the product will enhance cell division and elongation.

Besides, seed germination and Chlorophyll production will surge. Eradicate the fungus and make the lawn green and grass lush and tall!


  • Boosts the grass growth
  • Improved seed germination
  • Enhances the cell division
  • A perfect combination of Phosphorous and Nitrogen 
  • Works with almost all types of grass


  • Sprays too fast

2. Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

When the goal is to go organic, you can pick up the Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer for your yard.

The company proved its excellence for years and so, the solution is mostly known for use in golf courses. The product is promised to ensure necessary nutrients to the grass of your lawn resulting in a lusher and greener outcome!

And on that note, the Milorganite Organic Fertilizer is designed to increase the growth naturally and enrich the superiority.

Non-staining iron of 4% is used here for making the grass greener and thicker.

The perfect combination of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium assists in the reduction of the mowing time.

On the contrary, it works on decreasing the requirement of water for the St Augustine of your yard.

The 36-pound pack will not work overnight, so, bear with the product to receive the outcome.


  • Restores the natural growth of grass
  • Includes non-staining iron
  • Reduces mowing period
  • Decreases the water requirement
  • Completely organic composition


  • Has a limited coverage

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3. Pennington UltraGreen Starter Lawn Fertilizer

Another in the list that covers more than 5000 sq. ft. of your lawn is this UltraGreen fertilizer for your lawn.

The solution is a namesake; it makes the grass ultra-green in the shortest period.

St. Augustine in the garden or yard will get lusher day by day with the use of the fertilizing pack.

Apart from lush greens, the grass gets thicker and better with this. Creating the roots of the greeneries strong, the fertilizer helps the grass seed and sod.

For the new lawns or the old over-seeding yards, the 7.8% slow nitrogen release will keep it healthy and fit.

In faster lawn establishment, the Pennington Lawn Starter Fertilizer is remembered in the crowd.

When the grassland is getting yellow, using the stimulant will make it green and alive once again.

For fairly more advantage, ironite can boost the process.

The finest part is using this for a long period to cut down on weed is easy with the resalable package the product comes with.


  • Boost the natural growth of grass
  • Makes grassland thicker and greener
  • Strengthens plant’s roots
  • Kills weed faster
  • Resalable bag for future use


  • Too large pack for small lawns trial

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4. Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Food

When the lawn sizes differ, getting one specific-sized fertilizer is a no-no. This is where the name of Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food comes on the list. It is available in three different sizes to meet the greenery need.

 If the yard is on the Southern part and the problem is non-growing grass, relying on this fertilizer can help a lot.

These areas are hot and go through a drought.

To certify the better health of your St. Augustine along with any other grass types, it is highly recommended.

All the nutrients the greens need are inside the lawn food. By improving the water-absorbing power of the soil, it feeds the ground making the grass grow greener and lusher.

Another interesting fact is entering the lawn immediately after the application of the nutrient is completely alright!

Highly easy to use, the product is a value for money no matter which season it is. With the coverage of 15000 sq. ft. the grass will get deep and strong roots for sure.

5. Dr. Earth Life All-Purpose Fertilizer

Proving life to the earth before your house is what Dr. Earth * does! Completely organic and natural in production, the fertilizer improves the health of all kinds of grass specially St. Augustine. The solution is rich in humic acid to ensure the growth of the greenery.

It lasts for a long and is capable of feeding the grass for quite a long period. Though the nutrients are released quickly with the fertilizer, it feeds the greens for an extended time.

Never worry about working hard on the lawn anymore as the solution is extremely easy to apply. Throw it and you are done with this people and pet safe product.

Pets can run inside the lawn like they do without any discomfort.

Not only grass but the lawns that have other plants will also be benefitted from this one too! Bring back the life of your grass without burning them!


  • Rich in humic acid for enhanced growth
  • Quick-release fertilizer lasts long
  • Pet and human friendly
  • Doesn’t burn plant
  • Organic fertilizer with no bad odor


  • Takes more than two weeks to work
  • Requires to keep the soil damp

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6.  Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer 

The Anderson PGF complete fertilizer pack can cover up 5000 sq. ft. easily and make your lawn look better than before.

Available in two different sizes, pick up any that fits the preference. The particles of the fertilizer are very fine.

So, the result on the lawn gets doubled for every square foot. Also, fine particles ensure that the greeneries get even distribution of the fertilizer.

And when every part gets the fertilizer, the St. Augustine grass grows bigger, better, and greener!

The nitrogen strength here is low. With this, it is easy to apply more fertilizer in every square foot to get a lusher result.

As it is a slow-release fertilizer, it will feed up the lawn for more than 8 weeks! To enrich the soil, the brand added Humic DG that includes the humic and the fulvic acid together.

When the plants get Humic DG, they can process the nutrients provided there better and can grow faster!


  • Professional-grade fertilizer
  • Humic DG containing humic and fulvic acid
  • Slow-release fertilizer lasts a long period
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Fine particles for uniform distribution
  • Spreads easily on the lawn


  • Not available in California and South Dakota

7. St. Augustine Grass Weed and Feed

As the name says, this one is specially made for St. Augustine Grass to grow lavishly on your favorite lawn. The premium lawn food will keep away paspalums and crabgrass.

Also, keeping away spotted spurge will provide the grass 20% of nitrogen and the same percentage of soluble potash. For growing better, 1.54% sulfur along with 15% max Chlorine is added too.

When the discussion is about the green grassland, the iron can help in that!

To ensure that purpose, 6% iron is included in the element list of the St. Augustine grass weed and feed fertilizer by Lesco.

With the 50 lb. bag, covering a 12000 square feet area is more than easy!

The best work it does is killing the weed.

The manufacture of the fertilizer ensures it can kill more than 250 types of weeds and keep St. Augustine protected.

For a lasting period of feeding, the slow-release nitrogen works amazingly. There is no phosphorus in the ingredient list. Instead, Penoxsulam works as an active ingredient.


  • Designed for killing more than 250 weeds
  • Slow-release nitrogen for long-term feeding
  • Makes the grass greener with iron
  • Includes Lesco Nitrogen Optimization System/NOS
  • Comes in a large bag for long-term use
  • No phosphorus added


  • Isn’t available in small packs
  • Over application might burn the grass

Things to Consider before Buying Fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass


The first thing that should cross your mind is the formulation of the St Augustine Fertilizer.

There are fertilizers available in granular, liquid, and water-soluble formulations.

Granular Formulation Fertilizers:

This fertilizer is like a mixture of small grains of nutrients. After applying this one, it will take a little long time to release them.

As a result, the root of St Augustine grass will get the fertilizer for a long period. In this case, the grass will go green at a slow pace but once you apply it, you can be relieved for quite a long time.

Liquid Formulation Fertilizers: This fertilizer is a combination of nutrients that can be used as a spray on the grassroots. If you want a faster result in greening up the garden, you can pick it up.

It takes only 3-6 days to come up with a better outcome. However, you might require applying them more if you need more growth.


Water-Soluble Formulation Fertilizers:

Just like the granular formulation fertilizer, this comes with grains containing nutrients.

The application process is done with a dispenser with a hose-end. Though it looks like the Granular formulation, it works quicker than that.


Lawn fertilizers can be both organic and synthetic depending on the ingredients. Take a look to know which one to prefer.

Synthetic or Chemical Fertilizers:

In these fertilizers, chemicals that are used work the same way the natural nutrients do.

Most of the available products in the market contain chemicals. Though chemicals can harm your grass, some synthetic solutions are manufactured with magnesium, boron, calcium from the soil.

Organic Fertilizers:

Fertilizers that use ingredients from nature and provide nutrients to the greens are called organic fertilizers.

These do not hurt the aquatic ways or will not harm the waterways too. So, you are safer with this one but for the ingredients, you have to pay extra for this.

Ingredients Ratio

One of the most important facts while choosing one fertilizer for St. Augustine or whatever greeneries is the ratio of the ingredients.

We all know fertilizers are a combination of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Nitrogen helps in making the grass green where potassium works for the healthy growth of the grass.

On the contrary, in the forming of buds and seeds, phosphorus is the best.

The ratio can differ in terms of St Augustine if you compare it with the other grass.

It already includes a good amount of nitrogen than the other two ingredients. For specifically this grass, you will need a fertilizer that has 1 pound of nitrogen for 1000 sq. ft. grassland.

FAQs on Fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass

What is the best fertilizer for St Augustine grass?

Any fertilizer from the above-mentioned list will do the best for your St. Augustine grass lawn.

However, when you are in the run of picking up the best fertilizer for St Augustine, we recommend you to get your hands on the one that has 1 pound of nitrogen available for every 1000 sq. ft

How often should you fertilize St Augustine grass?

To keep St Augustine grass healthy, it’s better to fertilize it regularly after 8 to 10 weeks.

When you see that the grass is turning green, wait for about 3 weeks and then use fertilizer.

 After this, you can maintain the 8-week to 10-week routine. However, it depends on the growth of your grass too.

 When the grass has got its highest growth, you have to fertilize it again. The time is usually in the latter part of spring.

Do not apply the fertilizer at too hot a temperature as it can burn the grass. In February or March, complete fertilizing is necessary.

 And after this process, again in May, apply fertilizer once again but this time, go for light fertilizing. Wait for early July and apply it once more just like the previous one.

In September or October, again go for a complete fertilizing process. After this period, you have to stop fertilizing for a while.

From December to February, it is better not to fertilize but if you feel it is required, go for light fertilization.

How to fertilize St Augustine SOD?

After sodding, refrain from fertilizing a plant before it reaches at least 60 days.

After you see that the grass is green, wait for a minimum of 3 weeks. At this time, there will be a tony opportunity of a late frost.

When the three weeks have passed, go for soluble nitrogen of 1 pound. We are going to describe the amount in 1000 sq. ft. Wait for 8 weeks and then apply 1 pound of soluble nitrogen.

If you rely on slow-release nitrogen, go for ½ pound only. Here, you have to wait for 10 weeks in between the sessions.

And then, you can follow the fertilizing process with the same mentioned amount in May, July, and September like February.

Do not fertilize it from December to February. We recommend proper soil testing but if you have not done it yet, you can go for a ratio of 3:1:2 for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Before the fertilizing session, make sure you have mowed the lawn and after the process, watering is a must.

With the right care, maintenance and fertilization, it will only take 7 days to 14 days for the St. Augustine grass plugs to grow larger than you thought!

Can you fertilize St Augustine plugs?

Yes, you can fertilize the plugs but you have to be very careful.

If you want St Augustine plugs to full in faster than before and grow fast, fertilizing can be an amazing way! In this case, rely on the fish emulsion.

Spray this on the grass. If you settle for this in the early morning, you will soon see a better outcome.

It works as a foliar feed for your Augustine plugs. When plugs are what you are dealing with, avoid using weed-n-feed sort of chemical fertilizers.

You can use them later when your grasses are thicker and stronger. For now, for the increasing growth, in this vulnerable stage, an organic fertilizer will work the best.

Wrap Up

Get ready with your lawn before you apply fertilizer and make sure about checking out the top seven fertilizers we have mentioned.

All of them are top-rated in the market by the users and the professionals! Don’t forget to pick one and make the best use of it!

Also, never over-apply fertilizers, as they say, nothing too much is better, too much fertilizer can burn down your grass!

Did you like our guide on the best fertilizer for St Augustine grass?

Don’t forget to comment below which one you pick up and why! Also, how it worked-we would appreciate it if you review it!

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