Best Fertilizer for Indoor Plants: Houseplant Fertilizers List [Ultimate Guide]

Best Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can refresh both your house environment and your mood. Healthy plants require a healthy growing process. And without good fertilizers, a healthy plantation is incomplete.

Houseplants don’t really receive direct sunlight and rough air circulation always. This might harm their photosynthesis system. They need the energy from sunlight to prepare their food.

Regular fertilizing can be a savior for this by balancing the minerals and nutrients very nicely. The right fertilizer will keep your indoor plants away from bacteria, viruses and save them from hundreds of diseases.

For stronger roots, firm leaves, well-formed flowers, and fruits, you must choose the best plant food.

Choosing the right kind of fertilizer has never been easy. Here you’ll get the list of the eight best fertilizers for indoor plants.

The following details are going to be your ultimate guide on growing healthy plants:

Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food
  • Instantly Feeds All Indoor Houseplants
  • Able to apply directly to the soil
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Espoma Organic Indoor Plant Food Espoma Organic Indoor Plant Food
  • Promotes growth and greening in all houseplants
  • Approved for organic gardening
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Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food
  • Fortified with 11 essential nutrients
  • No-burn pledge when used as directed
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Indoor Plant Food Indoor Plant Food
  • All-purpose House Plant Fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizer promotes healthy growth
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Top 8 Best Fertilizer for Indoor Plants 2023

1. Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food

Miracle-Gro indoor plants are the first choice for many. Especially for, who want something easy and hassle-free, Miracle-gro is their savior. This can be announced as the best liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

You need to apply it once a week for indoor plants’ healthy growth. The using process is also straightforward. Apply the fertilizer directly with the soil or mix it with water.

While using the plant food directly with soil, take one pump for small plants and two pumps for larger plants that are larger than 6″. If you’re mixing the plant food with water, then go with four pumps per quart of water. You can use a water can/spray bottle for spreading plant food and watering the houseplants.

You should apply this fertilizer once a week. This will bring an instant notable outcome to your plants. For better results, follow the directions as written on the product label.

Each miracle Gro comes with two packs that can serve around 59 pumps. You’ll notice incredible changes in the plant’s growth around one month of use.

Special benefits:

  • Miracle-gro fertilizers feed the plants instantly.
  • You can use this on all types of indoor plants.
  • It can be applied to edible plants too.
  • Taking care of indoor plants with miracle-gro is not a hassle.

2. Espoma Organic Indoor Plant Food

Espoma organic indoor plant food is the safest option you’ll find around the market. The plant ingredients are mostly organic. So, your plants are going to respond well to this fertilizer.

Espoma is a very well reputed company that has owned the popularity crown for 9- years. So, you can entirely rely on their product quality and refund policy.

You can expect remarkable changes instantly after using this liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. The plant leaves will go green, pumped up in a few hours.

After a few days of use, this plant will get new growth. The elements are specially formulated with millions of beneficial microfibers and nutrients.

This organic houseplant food is applicable to all kinds of plants. You will receive 80z of the product and need to use it every 2 to 4 weeks. You need to add the solution one does per quart of the water. Then mix the solution properly and use it over plants. 

Special benefits:

  • Easy to use, No measuring. No hassles.
  • Approved for organic gardening.
  • No harmful elements.
  • Work instantly.
  • Applicable to all kinds of indoor plants.

3. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

Osmocote smart release plant food holds the best formula with eleven essential nutrients. If you’re searching for some all-in-one indoor gardening solution, Roscommon plant food will be your savior. This is applicable to all variant plants.

Osmocote plant food has granules coated with semi-permeable resin. This coating allows water to dissolve nutrients in no time.

These nutrients are released better in warmer environments.

Amazon has got 81% Osmocote plus reviews. By that, you can understand how reliable the fertilizer is.

How much Osmocote to use will depend on your plant top size. You should use one scoopful fertilizer for two gallons of water.

This measurement will get you safe and burn to pledge free indoor plant growth. It would help if you used this mixture on the top of 1-2 inches of soil. You can use the plant food once every six months.

Special benefits:

  • Applicable on both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Eleven essential nutrients.
  • Easy to use. Just mix with soil and water it.
  • The amount is enough for large garden beds. 

4. Miracle-Gro water-soluble All-purpose Plant Food

One pack of Miracle-Gro double all-purpose plant food is all in one solution. This is suitable for all types of flowers, vegetables and houseplants. The nutrient elements used here are safe and burn-free.

You can use this water to double plant food one in one/two weeks. It would be best if you fed your plants when they are actively growing.

The using process is very easy. You need to mix one teaspoon of fertilizer with per gallon water and water your indoor plants. For a better and effective outcome, try to follow the instructions written on the product label.

You can use both a sprayer and a water can for watering the plants. But don’t dare to mix anything more than the mentioned measurement for indoor plants. This can burn and harm your plant roots.

Miracle-gro comes in a 10 lb pack at quite a reasonable price. So, it would be totally worth purchasing this pack of plant food for healthy growing plants.

If you maintain the rules and instructions, the result will be visible. This has got rich nitrogen and iron for growing healthier and greener plants.

Special benefits:

  • Water-soluble indoor plant food
  • Easy to feed. Mix with water and spray/water your plants.
  • Safe and full of nutrients.
  • Instant outcome
  • Won’t burn with correct using process

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5. JR Peters Fertilizer

JR peters 20-20-20 fertilizer for indoor plants is one of the most demanding and effective plant foods. It’s applicable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

The classic formula of this plant food can be noticeable growth to your houseplants. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus can provide rapid leaf extension. You’ll get your plants to start making a difference in one week. 

Jr peters fertilizers have got all the raw materials and nutrients filled in them. This can be mentioned as one professional fertilizer. The mixture of this plant food will dissolve faster and will keep your houseplants greener, more vigorous, and heather.

You better feed your plants once every two weeks. You need to use ¼ tsp Jr plant food per gallon of water. For safe and healthy growing plants, try to follow the instructions written on the product label.

This plant food is also considered a professional’s first choice. The raw materials, faster dissolving, the easy using process makes jack’s classic fertilizer win the crown. Their good reputation has been serving really good houseplant foods for more than 50 years. So, you can certainly rely on Jr peters fertilizer quality.

Special benefits:

  • All-purpose plant food
  • More effective on foliage plants
  • Rapid leaf extension
  • This plant food can feed both through leaves and roots.

6. Dyna-Gro Grow Plant Food

Dyna grows indoor plants and is one of the most well-reviewed indoor plant foods. Dyna gro grow review has got around 81% positive impression.

This plant food has a complete nutrition formula. This is the only fertilizer with 16 essential mineral elements. It has got a balanced macro and micronutrients ratio in plant food. The balanced ingredients will ensure vibrant growth for all your plants.

The plant food is absolutely easy to use. You need to mix one tbsp plant food with per gallon water. The mixing and applying process is super easy and quick. You need to use a minimum amount of plant food with every mixture. Using them one in two weeks will get you rapid foliage growth and healthy indoor plants. So, it’s going to save you money as well as time.

According to the formulation and nutritious fulfillment, it would be a wise choice for the best liquid plant food.

This liquid plant food is ideal for poor, rocky soils, hydroponics and houseplants. By maintaining proper instructions, you’ll get accepted outcomes very quickly.

Special benefits:

  • Complete nutrition with a balanced ratio
  • Mix with water and feed your plants. Easy to apply.
  • Quick outcome
  • Low amount of soluble salts

7. Maxsea Plant Food

Maxsea plant food is suitable for all-purpose use. This organic hydroponic fertilizer is applicable for a whole year in both indoor and outdoor plants. Regular feeding and proper Maintenance will get you healthy and quality blossoms.

It has got 60 well reputed beneficial elements. You’ll get a balanced ratio of primary elements like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The secondary micronutrient elements of this plant food are sulfur, boron, manganese, molybdenum, copper, iron and zinc.

And these elements are enough to boost your houseplant growth faster. Regular feeding of this plant food will bring vibrant growth and quality blossoms.

You should use ½ tbsp fertilizer with one-gallon oater and apply them over April to September month. This balanced fertilizer would be the perfect food for easy dissolving and effect during this season.

The Maxsea fertilizer reviews are also quite impressive. Users find it highly recommended with good and effective outcomes. For safer and healthier house plant growth, try to follow all the directions mentioned on the fertilizer label.

Special benefits:

  • All-purpose plant food
  • Balanced nutrient ratio
  • Primary and secondary 60 beneficial elements.
  • Speeds up the plant growth

8. Indoor Plant Food

Indoor plant food is the ultimate all-purpose liquid fertilizer to boost healthy growth. People often struggle with finding the perfect fertilizer for potting soil.

No matter whether you’re growing houseplants on pots, hangers or holders, this plant food will show results incredibly and quickly.

Preparing this plant food solution is super handy. You should mix 1 tbsp plant food with every two cups of water. This fertilizer has got 100% natural and safe ingredients. You can get rid of hundreds of vital plant diseases with this one plant food.

This plant food formula is formulated especially for indoor plants. You will get sturdy roots, strong stems, vibrant leaves without any burning risks.

Regular use of this fertilizer and proper Maintenance will bring noticeable growth in a week. The ratio of elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is well balanced. So, it won’t create any side effects on your plants.

Regarding everything, this houseplant Fertilizer is the perfect choice for indoor plants.

Special benefits:

  • Formulated for all-purpose indoor plants
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Boosts new growth in one week
  • Fights with plant diseases
  • The optimum ratio of nutrients

Factors to Consider Before Buying Fertilizer for Indoor Plants:

Indoor plants are super tiny and way too sensitive. One wrong element in your fertilizer can bring serious risks to your beautiful plants. So, you must be considering a few things before choosing any fertilizer.

Some more details:


You must know the form of the fertilizer you’re choosing. Not every fertilizer is suitable for all types of plants. Some are formulated with all-purpose safety elements.

Nutrient ratio:

You should be conscious of the fertilizer nutrient ratio. An overdose of certain elements can cause a burn in your plant roots.

Fragile plants require elements i, nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium = 20:20:20 ratio. The flowering plants are required to maintain a 15:30:15 ratio for safe and healthy plant growth.


Indoor ants require gentle and safe elements for expected growth. You should avoid strong fertilizers for indoor plants. If you’re using some strong fertilizer, it’s better to apply them less often.

Frequently Asked Question

1. When to Fertilize Indoor Plants?

You should fertilize indoor plants when they are actively growing. This time is perfect for boosting up plant growth.

Generally, spring and summer are the times when plants grow actively. During months of these seasons, plants will grow faster.

Fertilizing indoor plants in winter:

Fertilizing indoor plants in winter is never a good idea. It is suggested to use fertilizer when the plant is actively growing.

During the winter months, the plants grow slowly because of low light. When the plants are not expanding more energy, they won’t need more fertilizing.

Winter season fertilizing also can burn and kill the roots of your indoor plants.

Fertilizing indoor plants in Summer:

Summer is the season to boost up your plant growth. You can do some extra work during these months of summer.

This time, indoor plants will get enough lights and water. Summer is the growth time of your plants.

So, choose some good nutrient plant food and feed your plants correctly.

2. How often to fertilize indoor plants?

How often one should fertilize will depend on your fertilizer type. Usually, it needs to be fertilized once in two weeks to once in four months.

To know your fertilizer type, follow the product label directions. 

3. How to Fertilize Indoor Plants?

The fertilizer effect will depend on various facts. One of the vital facts is how one is fertilizing indoor plants.

How to fertilize indoor plants will depend on your fertilizer type. For indoor plants, there are three different types of fertilizers. These are Liquid fertilizer, slow-release fertilizer and granular fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer: Most of the liquid fertilizer holds twitch in a month using formulation.This type of fertilizer needs to be mixed with water and applied through a jar can.

Liquid fertilizers are steady with their outcome. So, you can control the feeding frequency according to the plant’s nutrient needs.

Slow-release fertilizer: Slow-release fertilizers are known for their synthetic way of pushing nutrients. Professional growers consider it to be their first choice.

These plant foods usually need to be applied once every four months. Try to apply these fertilizers every time to repot the plant with new soil.

Granular fertilizer: Granular fertilizer needs extra attention while applied to indoor plants. Plants absorb this type of plant food all at once. So, it’s not in your control to increase and decrease the nutrient inhaling.

You need to mix this type of fertilizer into the top 3-inch layer of potting soil and water it properly. Then, the extra water from the pot should be drained completely.

4. How to fertilize aquarium plants naturally?

Your Aquarium plants can grow faster and healthier with some good plant food. But do you know how to use fertilizer on your aquarium plants naturally?

Let’s discuss more:

Aquarium plants are good to go with natural elements. You need to use 3:2:1 = Epsom salt: Potassium sleet: saltpeter. Follow this ratio and prepare your natural aquarium plant food.

You better use these fertilizers in a minimum amount. The mixing amount would be one tbsp for 10 gallons of water. Anything more than that can burn your aquarium plant roots.

Best Type of Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants require more care and consciousness. Especially the wrong and strong types of fertilizers can kill your indoor plants.

There are several types of fertilizers suitable for indoor plants. You can find liquid, sow release, granular and organic.

Each of these fertilizers has its own plus and minus points. You can use any of these according to your plant needs.

Make sure you’re following the instructions and directions properly. Try to go according to the fertilizer label instructions. But relying completely on fertilizer can harm your indoor plants.

So, stay conscious and grow healthier!

Final Words

If you’re passionate about indoor plants and want to grow them healthier, use some good plant food.

But choosing the safe and good fertilizer is always tricky. You must know your purpose, what your plant needs, how and when you’re feeding your indoor plants.

This article has mentioned the list of the eight best fertilizers for indoor plants. Hopefully, you’ll find help from our detailed guide.

There are several types of plant food filled with several nutritious elements.

Make sure you’re choosing the best fertilizer to fulfill your plants’ nutrients needs.

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